Payment Incentives RIDE-ADS FOR RIDESHARE DRIVERS Elevating your passengers'
experience, one tablet at a time.

Earn money and increase ratings.

If you’re a rideshare driver, then this is for you. Our sophisticated product will reflect the legitimacy and professionalism of each driver, thereby increasing your ratings and tips. You’ll also receive payment incentives too!

Get a free tablet for your car, on us.

Ride-Ads drivers will receive a free tablet for their car (don’t worry, installation is easy!). Our drivers will also receive payment for keeping our tablets on and referral bonuses for every new driver they bring to the Ride-Ads community.

Create a better ride for your passengers.

Every driver deserves the opportunity to provide an elevated passenger experience. With our innovative product, you can enjoy access to more leads, increased revenue opportunities, and the respect of your passengers.


It doesn’t matter to us if you drive for UBER®, Lyft® or any other rideshare service.

What’s the deal?

RideAds provide tablets to rideshare drivers that give over 20 rides per day. it doesn’t matter to us if you drive for UBER®, Lyft® or any other rideshare service as long as you give more than 20 rides a day. The tablets run a smart combination of entertainment and ads according to your location. Passengers enjoy premium entertainment and discount for nearby businesses. Wi-Fi service for tablets is included.

What do riders think of that?

Riders love the fact that their trip is now more entertaining. You are providing your riders with unique entertainment AND local discounts while increasing your rating, reviews, and monthly income.

Does the service cost anything?

As long as you drive more than 20 rides per day, everything is free!

Compensation, you said?

Yes, we reward you for driving with our tablets on and also pay you a referral bonus for every new driver you bring to RideAds.

Is it legal?

Yes, 100%!

What if my tablet is stolen?

We understand your concern but want you to know that tablet theft is rare. A related Police report will be required in case of theft, to waive loss fees.

Where can I get a tablet?

Just apply here and after approval, we will send you further instructions.