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What is Rideshare Advertising?

Ridesharing has become an essential part of modern transportation. Commuters, particularly in urban areas, use rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft® for the convenience, efficiency and assurances they afford, compared to public transportation.

Therefore, rideshare advertising is causing a massive disruption in its sector as one of the latest trends in the advertising world, offering businesses and advertisers the opportunity to achieve more personal engagements with passengers.

Ride-ads is an in-car advertising display platform

that enhances passenger experience and gives brands the ability to connect with a large and attentive audience.

The platform was originally created to give businesses a route to interact with a large targetable audience. Our goal is to create a system that connects drivers, passengers and brands. We are building a fast-growing community of rideshare drivers across America, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Our mission is to create shared value from our interactions with the everyday passenger, and maximize the efficiency of modern advertising.

We have developed a system that empowers brands and businesses to engage potential customers with our unique software, which pulls up location based ads and targets an audience of your choice. We help brands develop leads with targeted exposure, through our easy-to-use ad-delivery and management system. Rideshare drivers also provide a first-class rideshare experience to their passengers and benefit with additional earnings.


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